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About Old Soul Clothing

Old Soul Clothing Mission

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Old Soul Clothing set out to change the thought process of people through thought provoking designs, it did it through USA made apparel with the idea that good designs were nothing if the apparel they were on was made in a sweatshop. As Old Soul® has become economically conscious it has also become environmentally conscious. We figured, “hey saving the earth sounds like a pretty good idea”. Through the use of highly regenerative resources such as hemp, soy, bamboo, and organic cotton, Old Soul® decided to create a line with the best interests of everyone in mind, including the earth. Urban Organic stands before us as a collection that represents a pivotal point in history where we as a community can help create solutions to help the environment and our selves. Although there is no happy medium to apparel construction with out the upset of some part of the ecological system, Old Soul® is utilizing all of the current resources available and in development to help create apparel that is safer for us and the environment. Thoughtful designs, unconventional thinking, water and vegetable based inks, hemp, soy, bamboo, organic cotton, and of course non harmful washes and detergents are just a few examples of how we are going to make a difference.

The Designers of Old Soul Clothing

Old Soul® Clothing is not just one person. Behind the idea and designs of Old Soul Clothing are a team of designers who are extremely talented.