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Old Soul Associated Labels

Old Soul Clothing® – Time line

1999 – Greg Mason started printing up the first shirts around the world promoting the house music and break beat electronic music scene in phoenix, AZ. These shirts said “got Breaks?” and “got House?’ on them with Eternal Dj’s and the year on the back.

2002- Drop Beats, Not Bombs shirts were released. The name of the brand was officially labeled “Little Break Gear” LBG for short.  The shirts made very little impact and made very little money for the company. Not a success.

2003-2005- New designs and new structure was brought to the company and “Old Soul Clothing®” was officially trademarked.

Old Soul Clothing® currently has created the following collections

  • Vintage Soul – A line dedicated to vintage rock and roll culture.


  • Starving Artist – A line dedicated to new artists being exposed and nourished to develop the best look for people sharing love for the action sports industry, Dj culture, and leisure styles.


  • Urban Organic- Just as the name would imply a new line that will mesh Urban street culture with trendsetting Eco fashions. This collection will utilize 50% or more in sustainable productions.


  • Old Soul® Skate – Old Soul® Skate is an original grass roots style skateboard label that breaks free from the mainstream skateboarding stigma.


  • Pandora Denim™- Pandora denim is a line that is targeted to the women who flaunt what they have and aren’t afraid to be as edgy as possible. Pandora showcases destruction at its finest with a destroyed look for denim with high end finishes.


  • Zodiac Wheels™zodiacwheels.comZodiac wheels is a grassroots style skateboard wheel company. This company spawned off of the idea that skateboarders deserved a better quality wheel.